Home and Away


Below is a gallery of my dogs at home and away.

Heidi attacks Jasper_2013   Heidi, Jasper & Nono   Jasper_snow _13jasper & Heidi   Jasper. Nono & Heidi   Nono, Hector & HeidiNono   Heidi jan   Agatha_2013_Janboo   Hector_2013   Becky_2013

Hugo & Gracy 8wks Old




Hugo and Grace on duty for Switzerland Tourism at the London Winter Run Trafalgar square

Hugo and Hamish at Olympia and Titan Travel with Swiss Travel Centre.

Hugo and Puppies at Hemel Hempstead Ski Centre with the Swiss Tourist Board

Jasper and Hugo at the Lewes Raft Race, Hemel Hempstead Ski Centre and London Ski and Board Show 2017

Jasper with David Hasselhoff- Ski Show London

Jasper with David Hasselhoff Battersea. London Ski Show 2017



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