Meet the pack

Gibeno Diva, ‘Portia’

She was the beginning of Saintlinbern. Born on Valentines Day 2002 and died on 15th December 2008. Mother, Kenyee Fur Elise and Father Pippanabby Charisma. She was a very trustworthy and loyal saint with an enormous amount of intelligence and love. During her life she had 3 litters and I have kept two daughters: ‘Schnapps’ and ‘Bonny’.

Saintlinbern Bernina, ‘Boo’

Born 28/8/2010.

Mother: Kenmillix Rich Russet ‘Bonnie’

Father:  Ch. Harlessford Hadley.

She went to her new home at 8wks old. Her owners found they couldn’t cope with her being very boisterous and she therefore came back to me when she was a yearling. She lives for life and runs rings around my other saints as they are nearly all middle aged. She reminds me of a very young Becky.

Saintlinbern Endearment, ‘Heidi’

Heidi_posing!          Born, 10/9/2011

Mother: Nanhelen Starshine      Father:  Echoes of Storm at Shambrabern.

Picture of her with litter mates at 8 weeks old. Her mother ‘Agatha’ in the background nose to nose with her son.  She is the front of the picture. She has participated in  Discover Dogs at Crufts. Won first place at English St. Bernard Champion show for Yearling Bitch. Has qualified for Crufts 2014.

jasper_da_1Saintinbern’s Genius ‘Jasper’

Born 25/05/2012

Mother: Bernmont Rebecca

Father: Bernmont Aldaniti:

Very outgoing lad. Made an appearance at the RHS flower Show on the Swiss Tourist Board stand along with his brothers and sisters at 8wks Old. In November he helped to attract the crowds with Hector to the Verbier Tourist Boards Stand at the Earls Court Ski Show.

December 2012, he helped along with Hector to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer at Victoria Station in the Carol singing service.

December 2012.  Came 1st in Minor puppy dog at the South of England St. Bernard Champ Show & was the Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Has qualified for Crufts.

February 2013. English St Bernard Clubs Championship Show, was awarded 1st place in Minor Puppy. He has qualified for Crufts 2014

March 2013. Crufts. Was awarded 1st place in dog puppy.

June 2013. Windsor Dog Show. Was awarded 1st place in Junior dog.

October 2013. Featured in the Volkswagen TV commercial. He’s in the Tigan 4×4. Advert. Advert can be seen on youtube.

May 2014. Bath Dog Championship Show came first in Post Graduate Dog.

June 2014. Windsor Championship Show: First place in Post Graduate Dog.

 Hugo_1   Hugo

Born 22/11/2013

Mother: Bernmont Grace                             Father: Ch Neobern Dynamic Desmond

Hugo’s first show, Bath 2014:  Entered in Minor puppy dog, First in class. then went on to get best puppy dog  puppy dog.

Featured in the Blue Cross advert 2015 and Cesar advert Matchy-Matchy Christmas advert for North America and Canada.

Has done numinous events for the Swiss Tourist Board, London Pet Show, Discover Dogs and has qualified for Crufts both in 2015 and 2016.

Has been proven Stud dog to Boo with her fist litter. May also be used to approved Bitches in the future.

Windsor Championship Show: First place in Puppy Dog 2014.

East of England Championship Show: First place in Puppy Dog 2014.



Grace in the hayfield   Gracy

Born 22/11/2013

Mother: Bernmont Grace                                       Father: Ch Neobern Dynamic Desmond

Grace’s first show Bath 2014: Entered in Minor puppy bitch, 2nd in class!

Windsor Championship Show: First place in Puppy Bitch and then she succeed in beating her brother to be awarded Best Puppy.

She has attended events for the Swiss Tourist Board and been Shown.

Qualified for Crufts 2015 and 2016.

Isabella  Isabella

Born 2/10/2015

Mother: Saintlinbern’s Endearment        Father: Bernmont Aldaniti

Picture of Isabella at Olympia with Swiss Tourism being used by Hugo as a pillow!


Born 12/7/2016

Mother: Bernmont Madelaine      Father: Bernmont Heathcliff

Fist in Puppy Bitch at the English St.Bernard Club Champ Show 2017, then went on to take Best puppy. Qualified for Crufts 2018.

Her first outing to the seaside:


Nancy’s, First Reserve CC on the 23rd September at the United St.Bernard Club.

Nancy's 1st reserve CC.


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